Personality Diversity Indicator. The PDI is designed to help individuals learn about their behaviors in order to improve communication skills, build better relationships and work more efficiently.

Understanding People, 
Realizing Potential

A Small But Important Part of Who We Are

Our approach recognizes that for the most, people understand others based on their personality alone - which only forms a small part of who they are. For this reason, most of us only have a partial picture of who others are, and therefore often miss the larger story. Scroll down to discover how understanding these differences can improve communication and effectiveness.

The Four Main E-Colors

This simple yet highly effective tool heightens our awareness to different personality styles, communication styles and behavioral tendencies.

12 Different Personality Styles

Which Are You?

The E-Colors helps us improve our own self-awareness.
E-Colors theory suggests that we have all four E-Colors within us. That's why understanding the varying degrees of each E-Color in us is tremendously useful.


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